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Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Bill to Cut Red Tape and Prevent Hunger Sweeps Assembly Vote
Notes on the Legislature

Yesterday, the California State Assembly passed SB 1002, authored by Senator De León, with strong bi... Read More..

Western Center Sponsored Bills Face Final Hurdles
Notes on the Legislature

Aug. 31 Last day for each house of the California state legislature to pass bills. Several Western C... Read More..

Western Center Statement in Support of SB 270
Notes on the Legislature

The Western Center on Law and Poverty supports SB 270, which replaces a confusing patchwork of rules... Read More..

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Child Health Care Advocates file a civil rights suit against the State of CA

State routes Medi-Cal applications for the most vulnerable children to Healthy Families’ waiting list.

Maternal and Child Health Access, represented by Western Center,  Bay Area Legal Aid, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, Multiforum Advocacy Solutions, Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, and the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County, has filed a lawsuit against the State of California seeking to ensure that children who are potentially eligible for health benefits under the Medi-Cal program receive complete eligibility determinations through their counties rather than be placed on a waiting list for another state program.  The lawsuit seeks to prevent the State from denying children, who likely qualify for Medi-Cal, a county eligibility determination and health benefits under all of Medi-Cal’s programs, when they apply by mail in Sacramento.


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