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Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Homelessness Rising Sharply Among School Children

60,000 More Children Fall Into Homelessness in 2008-9


A new report by the Western Center on Law and Poverty using data from the California Department of Education shows that homelessness among California school children has skyrocketed in recent years. In 2008-9 more than 288,000 children were homeless and attending school in California. This represents a 28% increase over the 2007-8 year.


Research shows that children who are low income and homeless suffer in performance at their schools in measures on intelligence, academic achievement and language proficiency. They are more likely to fail classes, drop out of school, and be enrolled in special education.

Despite these dire trends in child homelessness the Governor is proposing to eliminate the CalWORKs program which is the last line of defense for many families to avoid becoming homeless. The Governor's proposals would eliminate all cash assistance for 1 million children and drop 190,000 into deep poverty (families with incomes below half the poverty level).

See the attachement for more data on the rise in homeless school children.





File Homeless School Children Download

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