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Tickets drive the poor deeper into poverty

Gov. Jerry Brown’s has called California’s unfair system of levying and elevating traffic fines a “hellhole of desperation.” But the governor also is offering a smart solution. First, the problem: When state and local governments have needed money, one easy...
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Evaluating the 2017-18 State Budget

On Tuesday Governor Brown will release his budget proposal for the 2017-18 fiscal year. Many anticipate that it will be a “hold the line” budget that makes few new commitments even though California has enjoyed a long period of economic...
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New Law: Repeal Of ’90s Welfare Rule Takes Effect

As of Jan. 1, California no longer prevents additional welfare payments for families who have more children while receiving state aid, removing a rule that called discriminatory and invasive. The 1994 rule known as the “maximum family grant” was expressly...
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