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In the Media

Free Tampons Are Coming to a Public School Near You

For Southeast L.A. County state Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, making menstrual products easier to obtain for California women has become a major cause in the last few years. She’s embraced a nickname given to her, the Tampon Queen. But, until recently,...
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Eye on the State: This year was all about housing

To great fanfare, Gov. Jerry Brown last Friday finally signed a “package” of housing measures. The political logjam that had stymied affordable housing bills finally broke, with more than a dozen housing bills making it through this year. The last...
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Transparency Coming to Prescription Drug Prices in California

California Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday approved a health care bill that requires pharmaceutical companies to give advance notice of price increases, and mandates new cost reporting from health insurance providers. The measure, Senate Bill 17, was crafted to shed...
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Gov. Jerry Brown signs two immigrant protection bills

Gov. Jerry Brown signed two bills today that continues California’s challenge to Trump’s deportation machine and goes further than any state to put immigrant protections into law. The bills, both authored by Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco), are AB450, the...
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