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Fighting To End Poverty In California


Through the lens of economic and racial justice, Western Center on Law & Poverty fights in courts, cities, counties, and in the Capitol to secure housing, health care and a strong safety net for low-income Californians.

Many systems keep people in poverty – from institutionalized racism to unjust and unequal economic structures. We address those factors in every aspect of our work, and call out the ways they oppress people experiencing poverty.


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Western Center's Work Benefits Millions of Californians

6,000,000Working adults benefitted from a minimum wage increase to $15/hr
4,000,000Adults protected from unfair and unpayable traffic fines and fees
400,000Homeless, migrant and foster children received priority access and fee waivers for afterschool programs
170,000Undocumented children became eligible for health care coverage
2018 Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

The Western Center victories for justice and equality highlighted in the Annual Report are victories for every Californian — especially for those experiencing poverty.

We hope you will stand with us in these particularly chaotic and troubled times, when Western Center’s creative and tenacious advocacy is especially needed.

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