Monthly Archives: October 2015

Consumers warned about bogus information on traffic fines

The state attorney general’s office warned California consumers Wednesday about debt collectors giving misleading information about a new traffic fine amnesty program.  Attorney General Kamala Harris said the warning was prompted by complaints about debt agencies that contract with counties...
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Traffic fine amnesty window opened

A new statewide program will help eligible citizens pay off old traffic fines and reinstate their driver’s licenses. State Senate Bill 405 took effect Oct. 1 and keeps the window open until March 31, 2017. Under its conditions, certain outstanding...
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Letter to the Editor: Tax breaks not needles

Re “Spare us from these needless tax breaks” (Editorials, Oct. 5): AB 88 provides a sales tax exemption for energy- and water-efficient refrigerators and clothes washers that are provided free to low-income families through the Energy Savings Assistance Program. It...
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