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Western Center compelled California to provide nursing care for brothers living with muscular dystrophy.

Leticia is a single mother of 3 children. Her two sons, Pablo and Raul, both have muscular dystrophy and require round-the-clock care.

After graduating from high school, Raul attended UCLA, and lived in a dorm with the help of full-time nurses. When he turned 21, Raul was notified by the State of California that his nursing hours would be cut since he no longer qualified for the same level of services as a Medi-Cal recipient under age 21. Raul was forced to drop out of college and move back home, where his mother attempted to provide round-the-clock care along with his nurses.

When Pablo turned 21, he too suffered a drastic reduction in nursing care provided by the state. Pablo is only able to move his left thumb and his eyes.

Western Center and Disability Rights California filed a lawsuit against the State of California on Pablo’s behalf. The suit compelled the state to alert Leticia that they would no longer challenge Pablo’s entitlement to the same number of nursing hours he had before he turned 21.

“I was very happy and grateful. I wish the state would understand that every case is different and see the individuals, not just policies and regulations. I am glad that this case will benefit other people who really need the help.”