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In the Media

Defining Moment: Will California End Its Money Bail System?

A nationwide movement that began 53 years ago to reform the pretrial incarceration and money bail process has finally reached the legislative committees and political bargaining tables in Washington and Sacramento. Reform advocates – including legislators, prosecutors, attorneys, judges and...
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Unseen exploitation

California landlords are threatening undocumented immigrants with eviction if they complain, say legal aid experts Daniel Saver entered the state Capitol last month on a mission to speak for a woman who could not speak for herself. An attorney from...
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L.A. Landlords Exploiting Immigration Fears To Threaten Tenants

In immigrant-heavy neighborhoods like Boyle Heights, community groups have seen a marked uptick in landlords exploiting immigration fears to threaten tenants since the election. Unscrupulous landlords who threaten to call immigration authorities on undocumented tenants are not a new phenomenon,...
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