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In the Media

A traffic infraction shouldn’t lead to the poorhouse

Gov. Jerry Brown’s latest budget offers a rather droll assessment of California’s unfair system of levying traffic fines, and a smart solution. First, the problem: When the state and local governments needed money over the years, they would jack up...
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New Law: Repeal Of ’90s Welfare Rule Takes Effect

As of Jan. 1, California no longer prevents additional welfare payments for families who have more children while receiving state aid, removing a rule called discriminatory and invasive. The 1994 rule known as the “maximum family grant” was expressly promoted...
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Ask Emily: New rules to limit Medi-Cal ‘death fees’

Six months after her mother died in 2014, Karen Craig opened her mailbox to find a bill for $9,530.06. It came from Medi-Cal, the state’s version of the Medicaid program for low-income people, which was seeking repayment for her mother’s...
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Clinics Say L.A. County Fails Ill & Disabled

Thousands of sick and disabled Los Angeles County residents are wrongly denied health care through California Medicaid because the county fails to process their renewals on time, advocates for the poor claim in court. St. John’s Well Child and Family...
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Palo Alto: Judge to weigh in on Buena Vista closure

Whether Palo Alto city leaders re-evaluate their 2015 decision to allow property owners to close Buena Vista Mobile Home Park will be up to a Santa Clara County judge. Superior Court Judge Brian Walsh took the case under submission Wednesday...
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