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In the Media

After Ferguson, States Struggle To Crack Down On Court Debt

……because fees, surcharges and court costs serve as a source of revenue, they’re hard to eliminate. “What’s happened is you have these constituencies that have sort of built a reliance on a stream of revenue that derives from traffic tickets,”...
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Group says Covered California slow to fix customer problems

California’s health insurance exchange is still sluggish when it comes to resolving customer service problems, leaving many people unable to access health care or finalize their tax returns, a consumer advocacy group said Thursday. Covered California has been slow to...
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Behind The Movement To Repeal California’s Worst Law

California’s Maximum Family Grant law is an example of “family cap” welfare restrictions, a relic of a 1990s-era conservative belief that women were deliberately having more babies just to rake in more benefits, anointing themselves “welfare queens.” California Republican Party...
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