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Courtney McKinney

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Courtney McKinney

Director of Communications

Courtney feels inspired when she’s working toward goals that encourage greater awareness of our shared connections, and she directs communications for Western Center from that perspective. Her passion for justice formulated when she was a young girl growing up in Texas, and grew over time.

Courtney attended Yale as an undergraduate, and subsequently worked for the PBS Newshour in Washington DC, as operations manager for A24 Films in NYC, and as Special Assistant to the Director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law. She relocated to Northern California in 2016, and in the time since, has communicated and advocated on behalf of communities in both rural and urban regions — ranging from Black Women’s issues to rights for cannabis farmers.

Courtney joined Western Center in November 2018, and feels deeply grateful to be part of a team so well-aligned with her own principles and desire to amplify the voices, concerns, and triumphs of people who too often go unheard.

Outside of Western Center, Courtney can be found outdoors 90 percent of the time. She also loves to dance, sing, and facilitate community conversations.

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