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Jen Flory

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Jen Flory

Policy Advocate

Jen Flory is a Policy Advocate specializing in access to health care for low-income Californians. Her passion for health care advocacy stems not just from a desire for social justice, but also from personal experience. As a young adult, she was unable to purchase health insurance, went without needed health care, and attended law school, in part, so she could get health coverage. She also witnessed other family members struggle to pay of large medical debts or put off care until illness was untreatable. In addition to her work at Western Center, Jen served as the Supervising Attorney for Neighborhood Legal Services of LA County’s Health Consumer Center and the Director of the Cancer Legal Resource Center at Disability Rights Legal Center. She has also worked as an immigration attorney. Jen has experience litigating cases, drafting legislation and regulatory comments, writing consumer and advocate materials, and training advocates and community members.

Phone: (916) 282-5141

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