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Our Clients

Sarah’s Story

Sarah knows hard work – she’s been employed in the food industry since she was 13 years old. When she later became pregnant, Sarah realized her demanding job as a chef would not be enough to pay for childcare and health insurance. Sarah returned to school all the while working and being a good parent. […]

Curtis’ Story

On an average night in Fullerton, about 300 people call the sidewalks and benches their bed for the night. Despite this undeniable need, Fullerton City Council summarily rejected an agreement proposed by Orange County that would allow a shelter to operate at a vacant property. When Curtis, a long-time community organizer and Navy veteran, heard […]

Pablo’s Story

Leticia is a single mother of 3 children. Her two sons, Pablo, age 21, and Raul, age 23, both have muscular dystrophy, and require around the clock care. After graduating from high school, Raul began attending UCLA, living in a dorm with the help of full-time nurses. When he turned 21 years old, Raul was […]

Evelyn’s Story

Evelyn,  a single mother, was in disbelief when in 2009 she sought to pay for groceries with her CalFresh Electronic Benefits Transfer card and discovered that her benefits had been electronically stolen. She filled out an affidavit and filed a police report.  She  contacted the welfare department’s customer service and  was told that the matter […]

Sheila’s Story

When Sheila, a dedicated Adult Education teacher, became disabled and was laid off, she was forced to rely on Section 8 to afford housing. In 2009 she received a personal injury settlement, which was placed into a Special Needs Trust only accessible for disability-related needs. The Santa Monica Housing Authority treated the trust disbursements as […]