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At Western Center, we believe access to health care is a human right. California has led the way in implementing the Affordable Care Act, but many Californians still do not have care, and even more are paying too much for the care they have.

We work to preserve and expand access to health care for all Californians — regardless of immigration, age, or health status, by‚Ķ

  • Advocating for improvements to health programs that serve low-income Californians
  • Enforcing health consumer rights and protections
  • Expanding Medi-Cal to cover ALL Californians who need it, and ensuring that Medi-Cal plans and providers deliver equitable, quality care
  • Shoring up state health care policies to protect Californians from federal attacks on our health care system


Western Center is the author of the comprehensive 2016 Health Care Eligibility Guide.

Western Center is a member of the Health Consumer Alliance, a partnership of consumer assistance programs operated by community-based legal services organizations. Its common mission is to help Californians obtain essential health care.

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