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Moms 4 Housing property owner agrees to $3.5 million settlement

“Madeline Howard, senior attorney at the Western Center on Law and Poverty, said communities of color have often been the target of corporate real estate investors, leading to gentrification and displacement. Since most tenants do not have lawyers, Howard said, “It’s particularly important to enforce tenant protections when the property owner is a corporation.”

The pandemic has sharpened the need for enforcement, she said. “There’s such a direct connection between tenants rights and homelessness.”

Moms 4 Housing property owner agrees to $3.5 million settlement

California cracks down on properties unlawfully evicting tenants

“Madeline Howard is a senior attorney at the influential Western Center on Law & Poverty, a non-profit that represents low-income Californians, said, “We hear a lot about mom-and-pop landlords in policymaking, but in reality, most tenants live in housing that owned by corporate entities like these real estate investment trusts.

The consequences of eviction are often brutal. “When a family is evicted, whether it’s by a court process or whether they’re just afraid of the owners harassing them, they’re often going to end up homeless,” said Howard.”

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Bonta vows as California’s top cop he’d be tougher on policing

“Progressive groups congratulated Bonta after the announcement of his nomination and called on him to continue helping to change the justice system. And numerous organizations, including the Western Center on Law and Poverty and the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, called in to the virtual confirmation hearings today to support the nomination.”

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