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Ahead of March Madness, a campaign to redefine the Black student athlete

“Unilever, Dove’s parent company, is also launching a petition with National Urban League, Color Of Change and Western Center on Law & Poverty to advocate for the CROWN Act, or “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair,” a legal protection against race-based hair discrimination. They’re also offering their own pledge, asking signees to fight discrimination by educating themselves, challenging discrimination and advocating for “legislative change.”

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Connecticut Just Made Race-Based Hair Discrimination Illegal at School and in the Workplace

“This marks Connecticut as the eighth state to enact the historic bill, which was created by the CROWN Coalition; a group of brands and nonprofit organizations that includes the National Urban League, Western Center, Color of Change, and Dove. The law protects people — specifically Black women in America — from being penalized at school or at work for wearing their hair natural or in protective styles like locs, twists, and braids.”

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InHAIRitance: Tracee Ellis Ross, Ayanna Pressley and Color Of Change Advocate for Small Black Beauty Businesses and the CROWN Act

“In collaboration with Dove, National Urban League, and Western Center on Law and Poverty — Color Of Change, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley. Rep. Leslie Herod, Senator Cory Booker, and other elected officials have pushed for the passage of The CROWN Act—a crucial and necessary step toward full protection for Black people throughout the country from hairstyle discrimination in schools and workplaces, and its residual effects.’

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