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New states in SNAP online pilot program going live this month and next

“Jessica Bartholow, a policy advocate at the Western Center on Law and Poverty, has been working on bringing SNAP online in California for several years and says the SNAP recipients she works with are generally happy with the new option.

“This will really help people who are feeling left out and scared right now,” she says.”

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Push is on to fight ‘inequality’ and allow food-stamp recipients to have groceries delivered

“Low-income people have been denied access to lifesaving technology that would protect them when they shop,” said Jessica Bartholow, policy advocate for the Western Center on Law and Poverty, a Los Angeles-based national advocacy group for disadvantaged Americans. “The belief is, if you’re out there begging for food, you don’t deserve the bells and whistles the middle class has to get their food delivered.

“Our food system is a cycle of inequality.”

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