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Tag: tenant protection

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What happens when all that rent comes due?

“California’s rent-control laws may complicate the landlord’s decision, said Tina Rosales, a lobbyist with the Western Center on Law and Poverty. Under state law, landlords can charge as much as they can get for a rent-controlled unit once it becomes vacant. So it could be more lucrative to pursue an eventual eviction and not forgive debts if a tenant is paying significantly below market rates.

“It has the potential for landlords to pick and choose which tenants they will participate in the program with,” Rosales said, potentially affecting the most vulnerable.”

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California measure aims to pay off 80% of most unpaid rent

“This really sort of puts the ball into the landlords’ court in a way that we’re not quite happy with,” said Cynthia Castillo, policy advocate for the Western Center on Law and Poverty. “It does the urgent work of extending the (eviction) moratorium, which we were very concerned about.”

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California legislature passes compromise pandemic anti-eviction bill

“The Western Center on Law & Poverty… called the protections in the new bill “critical,” and urged that it be passed and signed. However, the Center said, “AB 3088 is only part of the solution … We still need a long-term solution to the pandemic’s financial consequences for tenants, small landlords, and affordable housing providers. Our organizations are committed to working with stakeholders, the legislature and the governor to ensure that new legislation to provide the long-term fix is ready to be enacted by the end of January.”

California tenants hurt by pandemic would get five-month eviction break under new bill

“Mike Herald, director of policy advocacy for the Western Center on Law & Poverty, a legal aid organization that was involved in bill negotiations, said he would be watching in the coming weeks to make sure landlords don’t look for ways to get around the law. He said the governor and Legislature must figure out a way to address the financial fallout of widespread nonpayment of rent next year.

“This staves off the worst of the potential crisis that could have come, but it does still leave off some very big issues,” he said.”

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