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Western Center Statement In Support of The Attorney General’s Intervention Action


The health care of thousands of Californians is on the line.

Los Angeles, California, May 18, 2017The Affordable Care Act was based on the premise that all Americans are entitled to quality health care that they can afford.  Cost Sharing Reductions help make health insurance affordable for millions of working class people and families by offsetting the cost of high deductibles and co-pays in Covered California plans.

These families are earning just over the income limit for our Medi-Cal program and often move back and forth between the programs. Western Center attorney, Jen Flory notes that “the Trump administration’s refusal to commit to these payments shows just how little the President cares about working class Americans. His actions will force workers to skip doctors’ appointments when they are sick or go without needed prescriptions.  The President’s attempts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act threaten the health and financial security of working class Americans in order to secure a tax cut for the wealthy.”

Western Center applauds and supports California’s bold step to fight for those families.  By joining with several other states to intervene in ongoing litigation, California can protect Cost Sharing Reduction payments and preserve the vital progress we have made in our state to ensure access to healthcare.  These states, not the Trump administration, are working to secure the health care of working class Americans.

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