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WCLP Statement on the American Health Care Act

Today, after incredible public pressure around the importance of health care, the House pulled the American Health Care Act from a vote.  The Republican’s proposal threatened to gut our Medi-Cal program and repeal important provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  Never before has our Medi-Cal program faced such a singular attack, potentially wreaking havoc on and devastating the health and lives of low-income Californians.

We are thankful to all of our partners who organized against the AHCA and the representatives, both Republicans and Democrats, who refused to vote for a plan where millions would lose coverage.  Most of all, we give great credit to all of the individuals who called Congress, showed up at rallies and town halls, and refused to stand down.  Today’s victory is the first in the face of many challenges to come.

We have won the battle, and but must keep waging the war.  Together we can fight for and protect health care for all.

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