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Western Center Roundup – February 2024

Honoring Black History Month and the Critical Work Ahead of Us
As Black History Month comes to a close, we honor the life and legacy of Professor Derrick Bell, one of Western Center’s founding members, past executive director, and a leading voice in the school of thought that would become critical race theory. We honor WCLP’s rich history, standing on the shoulders of giants, as we continue the critical work of eliminating anti-Blackness in Health, Housing, Public Benefits, and Access to Justice. We continue to expand our team to even more effectively tackle issues that disproportionately impact the Black community like the housing crisis, the burden of medical debt, and birthing justice and equity.

Blog Post: Black Midwifery and Birthing Justice
In a recent blog post, Senior Health Advocate Etecia Burrell delves into the racist roots of “professionalized” medicine as it relates to obstetrics and gynecology, Black Americans’ long history as birthing guides, and the current state of the centuries old practice of midwifery in America today.  Read the full blog post here.



Blog Post: Anaheim City Council Stiffens Penalties for Street Vendors

Western Center Outreach & Advocacy Associate Abe Zavala-Rodriguez recently wrote a blog post that highlights recent changes to Anaheim’s harsh vending policies.

This month Anaheim City Council voted to impound street vendor equipment and codify into law non-vending zones, moves he says are fueled by stereotypes that suggest street vendors deter customers from visiting brick and mortar businesses in the city. Read the full blog post here.


Join Us for the Next “Meet the Advocates”
March 12th at 12:30-1:30PM
Join Western Center on Law and Poverty’s policy advocates for a deep dive into our 2024 legislative agenda, including our bills on medical debt protections, increasing housing voucher utilization, reducing Black maternal mortality, fighting for Medi-Cal continuous coverage, housing as a human right, and much, much more! The presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

Last Chance:  Apply for Reimbursement of Electronically Stolen Benefits
If you had cash aid or CalFresh benefits stolen without losing custody of your EBT card, you may have been a victim of electronic theft. This training tells you how to ask for reimbursement if your benefits were electronically stolen. It includes links to the claim form and resources.  If the benefits were stolen between October 1, 2022 and September 30, 2023, you must file a claim form by February 29, 2024.

Justice, USA Documentary To Premiere on MAX

Marshall Goldberg’s documentary Justice, USA is set to premiere March 14, 2024, on MAX. The movie puts viewers in the shoes of indigent defendants, offering an inside, 360-degree look at the criminal justice system in some of the most racially-divided cities in the United States.

Shot over seven months in Nashville with almost no restrictions, this six-part series for MAX bears witness to everyday life in the men’s jail, the women’s jail, juvenile court, and the courthouse. There are no narrators and no experts. Justice, USA simply lets the cameras roll so we see and hear directly from the people who make up the system – inmates, lawyers, deputies, administrators – in their own voices.

To learn more about this groundbreaking documentary, click here.


Join our Team
As Western Center continues to position itself for greater reach and impact in 2024, we currently have three positions open: Policy Advocate – HousingSenior Health Attorney or Health Attorney, and Senior Communications Strategist.

Please share these opportunities widely with your networks!