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EPIC News – March 2020

Why Do We Work For a Strong Safety Net? Because of Times Like These.

COVID-19 has revealed how much we all rely on each other, and millions of Americans and Californians are stepping up to make sure others have what they need. Since our founding, Western Center has advocated for a strong social safety net. Our positions are often labeled progressive, but in this time of increased need, it has become clear that a strong safety net benefits everyone. What was deemed politically progressive months ago is now a new baseline for decent human society.

We are regularly updating our COVID-19 webpage with new information to help low-income Californians, and we are continuously working to make sure that the most vulnerable among us (a growing number) are protected.

In 2019, we advanced crucial legislation and litigation to position California to better serve people living in poverty – in good times and in hard times; our newly released annual report highlights those important victories. It is our intention that in this time of uncertainty, you can read our annual report and know that we are building on this work now more than ever, and we do not plan to stop.

Click below to read the full report.